U.S. Senate Anonymously Approves $500 Billion COVID-19 Aid Package

U.S. Senate Anonymously Approves $500 Billion COVID-19 Aid Package

The U.S. Senate Tuesday unanimously passed $484 billion in fresh relief for the U.S. economy and hospitals dampened by the coronavirus pandemic, sending the measure to the House of Representatives for final passage later this week.

U.S. Senate Anonymously Approves $500 Billion COVID-19 Aid Package

The bill, approved on a voice vote by the handful of senators present in the near-empty chamber, was hurried along shortly after congressional leaders and the White House brokered a settlement.

The House is predicted to vote Thursday on what would be the fourth coronavirus-response law. Taken collectively, the four measures amount to about $3 trillion in aid since March to confront a crisis that has killed over 43,000 Americans.

President Trump urged Congress to shortly seal the measure, which primarily expands funding for loans to small businesses, leaving additional support to state and local governments for a later bill.

The coronavirus has massively disrupted the way the Congress capabilities in only a few months since it spread to the U.S. after first appearing in China in December 2019, with historic legislation being passed with only a few policymakers present.

House Democratic leaders have declared that Thursday’s vote on the bill could be followed by a vote to change the chamber’s guidelines to allow “proxy” voting when necessary. This is able to imply not the entire Home’s 429 current members must be in the chamber to cast their votes, a crucial concern when most of the country is under stay-at-home directives and practicing social distancing to cease the spread of the coronavirus.

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