Iranians Bury Deceased from Crashed Plane After Days of Rage Against Rulers

Iranians Bury Deceased from Crashed Plane After Days of Rage Against Rulers

Iranians buried their deceased from an airliner shot down by the army as authorities Wednesday identified 176 victims of last week’s plane crash, which led to days of ire against Iran’s rulers joined by a police crackdown.

Emotions have been running high as the victims of the January 8 crash are mourned.

The national flag was ripped from the coffin of one sufferer when kin collected the body, and the mom shouted, “Tear it off,” an online video confirmed.

Demonstrators took to the streets of cities for four days after the armed forces finally acknowledged Saturday, after days of rejections, that they had dunned down the aircraft. In several locations, protesters met aggressive police actions.

Iranians on social media called for additional protests Wednesday; however, there was no indication of the kind of rallies of previous days. Instead, videos confirmed riot police massed outside universities, the gathering for demonstrations.

In earlier protests, footage showed police beating protesters, sounds of gunshots, teargas, and blood on the ground.

The full scale of the crisis and the crackdown is tough to determine due to restrictions on independent reporting.

Police denied breaking fire and said officers were informed to act with restraint. Just two months ago, a crackdown on demonstrations attributable to fuel price hikes killed thousands of individuals.

Iran is battling on several fronts. A brand new international turmoil has erupted over its nuclear program, the economy is in tatters under U.S. sanctions, and a long-running standoff with the U.S. briefly spiraled into open battle.

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