U.S. Air Force Completes Installation of NGC's AN/APG-83 Radar on F-16

U.S. Air Force Completes Installation of NGC’s AN/APG-83 Radar on F-16

Northrop Grumman Corporation declared that the U.S. Air Force accomplished the mounting of NGS’s AN/APG-83 SABR radars systems on Air National Guard F-16s at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, to meet a U.S. Northern Command Joint Emergent Operational Need for homeland defense.

This milestone event completes the delivery and installation of AN/APG-83 SABR Active Electronically Scanned Array radars systems in support of the USAF’s future initial operational capability announcement.

The radar upgrade of select Air National Guard F-16s extends the operational viability and reliability of that fleet, whereas offering pilots with 5th-era fighter radar abilities to defend the country’s airspace.

“The APG-83 radar system gives unprecedented, active electronically scanned array targeting and fire management abilities to the F-16 line to ensure the advanced effects of the Air National Guard’s mission,” stated Mark Rossi, director, SABR applications, NGC.

The greater bandwidth, pace, and agility of the APG-83 allow the F-16 to detect, track, and determine a greater number of targets quicker and at longer ranges.

As well as, it features all-weather, high-resolution artificial aperture radar mapping to present the pilot with a big floor image for precise target identification and strike in comparison with legacy systems.

The SABR program draws components from a mature trade supply base. Over 200 SABR systems have been developed at Northrop Grumman’s radar assembly facility in Baltimore for U.S. and international clients.

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