Thailand Opens First Cannabis Specialized Clinic

Thailand Opens First Cannabis Specialized Clinic

Thailand started its first full-time clinic specializing in traditional and various cannabis-based medication on Monday, as a part of a transfer by the government in the direction of creating a medicinal cannabis trade.

Thailand, which has a tradition of utilizing hashish to relieve pain and fatigue, legalized marijuana for medical use and analysis in 2017 to spice up agricultural income.

There are already around 25 hashish clinics connected to standard hospitals across the nation; however, unlike the newly-launched pilot clinic, they function for just a few days per week due to an absence of specialized staff.

The most important producer of medicinal hashish is at present the health ministry’s Government Pharmaceutical Group. Kasetsart University’s director of medical hashish analysis, Natakorn Thasnas, said the college would supply 2,200 kilograms of hashish leaf to the ministry.

Hashish production, cultivation, and sale has been restricted to licensed Thai producers for the next four years to protect the home business. Presently, only hospitals and analysis amenities are allowed to apply for hashish production and extraction licenses; however, the government is reviewing laws to enable Thai businesses to use for permits.

In 2019, Thailand dropped hashish and hemp extracts from its narcotics list and proposed a draft regulation that will allow every family to develop six hashish vegetation.

The pilot clinic, based in the Ministry of Public Health, expects to see between 200 to 300 sufferers daily.

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