Seattle Children's Hospital Closed As A Crew Inspects The Building's Air Handling System

Seattle Children’s Hospital Closed As A Crew Inspects The Building’s Air Handling System

According to a Seattle Children’s Hospital spokesperson, all working rooms will likely be closed on Wednesday as a crew inspects the constructing’s “air handling system.”

“The closure will permit us to physically entry the air dealing with unit and take corrective actions,” Spokesperson Kathryn Mueller stated in a press release. Corrective actions embrace calling in a 3rd-party hygienist to assist examine the air dealing with the unit. That unit will probably be cleaned and sanitized. Crews can even clear all the principle working rooms and different areas.

“After the corrective actions are full and we restart the air handler, we are going to conduct day by day air exams to confirm our interventions have been efficient. We expect the primary working rooms will likely be closed for at least five days,” Mueller mentioned.

A crew from the Washington State Department of Health arrived at Seattle Children’s on Tuesday to analyze why Aspergillus mold has resurfaced in three working rooms and two procedural areas within the hospital. The newest discovery marks the second time the mold has been discovered on the hospital this yr forcing the closure of almost a dozen working rooms. It’s not but identified when they are going to reopen.

Just what a number of vulnerable youngsters might have been uncovered to Aspergillus mold on the hospital stays a mystery. Larissa Lewis is a nurse consultant who’s a part of the Healthcare-Associated Infections Program on the state division of health. She says Aspergillus is all over the place. “It lives inside and likewise outside,” Lewis mentioned. “It may be present in dirt and dust and issues like that.” However, the place it shouldn’t be is inside a pediatric working room; the place docs are treating the most susceptible.

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