The Newborn Child Buried Alive Found by Local Person in India

The Newborn Child Buried Alive Found by Local Person in India

A newborn child was found buried alive in a pot in northern India is now fighting for her life.

The baby in critical condition at a hospital in Bareilly, a town in Uttar Pradesh, a baby suffering sepsis and a low platelet count and a blood infection, pediatrician Ravi Khanna informed the news channel.

“There are possibilities of her survival; however, we might know for certain only after five to seven days,” he informed the outlet.

The baby was found Thursday by a person named Hitesh Kumar, who had gone to a cremation site to bury his newborn daughter, police officer Abhinandan Singh mentioned. As he dug the grave, his shovel broke open a buried clay pot, and he heard a baby’s cry.

“At one point, I assumed that my daughter had come alive. However, the voice was truly coming from the pot,” he informed Agence France-Presse. Chief pediatrician Dr. Saurabh Anjan told the news channel that the baby was born prematurely, around 30 weeks, and weighed just two pounds. Her exact age was not clear; however, officials speculated she ranged from a couple of days to a week old when she was found.

Medical experts have differed on how long the baby was buried alive before her rescue. Khana suspected she might have been in the ground for as a lot as four days, surviving on her fat stores, whereas Anjan estimated she was trapped for just a few hours, the outlet reported.

Local politician Rajesh Kumar Mishra has named the baby Sita after a mythological Hindu goddess who was discovered by King Janak as he plowed a field, the news channel reported. He and his wife intend to adopt the abandoned child.

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