British Child Lost Her Feet Due to Meningitis

British Child Lost Her Feet Due to Meningitis

The 11-year-old child lost both feet due to mistakenly doctor diagnosed meningitis symptoms over a stomach virus.

Brogan Patridge first showed symptoms of meningitis while on vacation with her family in Cornwall in 2016, her mother, Aimee Patridge, informed the news channel that they had enjoyed a day on the beach when Brogan later became sick and started to vomit.

Childs parents took her to a local emergency room where doctors reportedly dismissed her symptoms as a “tummy bug” and sent Brogan home. However, the girl’s parents rushed her back after she developed a blotchy rash, a common signal of the sickness. At the hospital, doctors confirmed that she suffering from meningitis what Aimee, 28, stated was her and her 32-year-old husband Craig’s “worst fear.”

Brogan then developed sepsis, a potentially lethal infection where high levels of bacteria are detected within the blood. The infection made doctors amputate the girl’s left foot, her mother stated. Later, her right foot was amputated.”

We’re so lucky that she was saved; however, we were devastated when Brogan needed to have her left foot amputated because of septicemia sepsis,” she stated. “The damage was carried out within just a few hours, and however, only time will tell how much the illness will affect her life.”

Now three years later, Aimee told her daughter is “determined to get her full independence back.”

“She’s always had a good mindset,” she added, noting Brogan uses prosthetic feet.

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