President Trump Upholds the Law By Pulling Back U.S. Forces In Syria

President Trump Upholds the Law By Pulling Back U.S. Forces In Syria

Former Napolitano New Jersey Superior Court judge, and has routinely criticized the president for violating his constitutional power, defended the president’s controversial decision to withdraw the American forces from northern Syria during his News channel show Judge Napolitano’s Chambers. He defined that the justification by the Trump administration to enter the Syrian conflict back in 2017 relied on a decision approved by Congress back in 2001, following the tragic September 11 terrorist attacks.

As Napolitano additionally highlighted, Trump has faced significant opposition from Republicans, in addition to Democratic, lawmakers because of his decision. Even prominent GOP lawmakers who’re typically loyal to the president, similar to Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, have harshly criticized the withdrawal. They’ve warned that the move could encourage ISIS, while also being advantageous to American foes, Iran and Russia.

Many are concerned for the fate of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), whom the U.S. military has backed in their fight towards the Islamic State (or ISIS). Trump’s decision to withdraw troops allowed Turkey to move in to take control of the northern border area. While the U.S. is formally allied with Turkey by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), each countries interests have often appeared at odds in Syria. Turkey additionally has a long history of tensions with the Kurds, and the SDF has vowed to fight towards any Turkish aggression.

However, legally speaking, Napolitano said his opinion that Trump had acted in the best interest of the Constitution. “He complied along with his campaign promise, and he complied with his duty to uphold the Constitution,” the former judge asserted. The News legal expert then argued Congress was going towards the Constitution by opposing Trump’s decision, suggesting the legislative branch should pass a new war decision if they need for the U.S. to stay in the conflict.

However, many lawmakers seem to disagree with Napolitano’s assessment.

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