Elephants Herd Falls Trying to Save the Calf, Found Dead at Thai Waterfall

Elephants Herd Falls Trying to Save the Calf, Found Dead at Thai Waterfall

The bodies of five extra elephants have been found in Thailand downstream from a waterfall referred to as the “Ravine of Hell,” where six other elephants plummeted to their deaths over the weekend, officials stated Tuesday.

The first group of elephants was thought to have died Saturday while trying to rescue a 3-year-old calf that had slipped over the Haew Narok Waterfall in Khao Yai National Park, based on the country’s National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department. The calf and five adult elephants had been found dead near the base of the falls.

While the ravines are identified to overflow with water through the rainy season, it was not immediately clear why the elephants fell into the strong current.

As officials investigated how the first six elephants fell to their deaths, they noticed the second group of five bodies by drone, spokesman Sompote Maneerat stated. The new victims are thought to have come from the same herd.

When the first group was found over the weekend, officials additionally discovered two surviving elephants struggling on a cliff edge. Those elephants have been moved and had been being monitored.

The death toll of 11 marks the highest number of elephants to die in a single incident in Khao Yai, Sompote stated.

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