Instagrammers asked not to enter pristine blue lake in Siberia

Instagrammers asked not to enter pristine blue lake in Siberia

A turquoise-colored Siberian lake may be Insta-perfect — but it’s actually an artificial, poisonous waste dump, and the company operating the plant is urging visitors not to enter the water.

The lake, called the Novosibirsk Maldives, is used to dump ash from a nearby coal plant, and contains chemicals that may trigger allergic reactions, based on a statement posted to Russian social network VKontakte by the Siberian Generating Company.

“In the final week, our ash dump of the Novosibirsk TEZ-5 has become the star of social networks,” the statement mentioned. “But you cannot swim in the ash dump. Its water has high alkaline environment. This is due to the fact that calcium salts and other metallic oxides are dissolved in it. Skin contact with such water might cause an allergic reaction!”

The bottom of the dump is very muddy, the company warned, adding that getting out of the reservoir alone is nearly impossible.

Instagrammers have flocked to the deceivingly pristine-wanting lake and snapped images as they posed in bikinis and took wedding photos on its shores — and even paddle-boarded in the course of the toxic dump.

Maybe the most outrageous post was a man who rode an inflatable unicorn on the water.

“It’s not dangerous to swim here,” the poster snarkily captioned the image. “The next morning, my legs turned slightly red and itched for about two days.”

Some picture-happy visitors say they have no hesitations about returning to the artificial attraction — however plan to stay at the shore.

“I simply enjoy images,” Leo Alexey, who set up a fan account on Instagram called “Novosibirsk Maldives.” “The place is really attention-grabbing though you can’t swim there due to the high content of calcium and metal oxides which can trigger allergies.”

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