Head of YouTube smart TV division after calling cops

Head of YouTube smart TV division after calling cops

A man has apologized after calling the police on a black teen in a confrontation exterior a San Francisco apartment building last week. The video of the incident gained consideration on social media.

Wesly Michel, who’s black, shared the video on Facebook on July 4. San Francisco police confirmed that the incident took place around the time the video was posted. The video shows a young boy tearfully begging his father to not call authorities.

The person in the video, Christopher Cukor, claimed that Michel was trespassing into the complex and demanded that Michel identify his friend on the apartment’s call box.

Cukor has been publicly identified as Head of Smart TV Partnerships at YouTube. We have repeatedly requested comment from Google, YouTube’s parent company.

When Michel refuses, saying he is simply waiting for a friend who lives in the building, pressure rises. Cukor calls the cops; Michel warns him repeatedly that the scene is being recorded.

The video, which Michel published on Facebook and YouTube, has nearly 3 million views between the two platforms.

“I am recording you right now. You’re just going to be the next person on TV,” said Michel, asking Cukor to walk away and saying that he’ll delete the video if he does. “Just remember that. And your son’s with you.”

Cukor’s son, standing next to him, repeatedly begs his father to walk away from the confrontation and hold up the call to the police.

“Daddy, let’s go, please,” stated his son. “I do not like this.” Cukor shushes him.

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