Hundreds of fish die post Jim Beam fire in Kentucky

Hundreds of fish die post Jim Beam fire in Kentucky

The Jim Beam warehouse fire has begun to cause environmental damage to the local wildlife, as hundreds of dead fish have littered the Kentucky River and are floating downstream.

Environmental officers in Kentucky say the water used to put out the fire that consumed 45,000 barrels of bourbon has reached the nearby creek and finally the river.

Strohmeier added the event was something he had never seen before.

The Environmental Protection Agency is now leading the investigation to find out how much impact the contaminated water could have on the local ecosystem, in response to WKYT.

The agency says the number of dead fish in the Kentucky River will only increase and it’s safe to fish so long as you do not eat anything caught.

Residents who want to use the waterways are being instructed the water can be accessed, though the smell of the dead fish could seem intense.

The warehouse initially caught fire final Tuesday evening and burned by the next morning, earlier than a containment facility was set up. Jim Mura, a spokesman for the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, stated they let the bourbon barrels burn off till Saturday morning to prevent the water runoff from impacting local waterways.

Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources spokesman, Kevin Kelly mentioned on Saturday it’ll take a few days to count the variety of dead fish.

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