Trump's grand 4th of July celebration call for protests and criticism

Trump’s grand 4th of July celebration call for protests and criticism

Thousands shall be gathering Thursday within the nation’s capital to celebrate the beginning of America for its annual fireworks occasion, which this year will feature Army tanks, a flyover of army jets, Air Force One, and fireworks. The centerpiece? A speech from President Trump — the first time in decades that a president has addressed the crowd.

Protests are expected, and Trump is facing criticisms over the costs of the event and has been accused of injecting politics into a historically nonpartisan occasion. This year’s celebration won’t only entice tourists, Washington, D.C., residents, and families trying to observe the holiday. Each protester and supporters of the president are descending to the center of the nation’s capital – potentially placing the patriotic holiday on a collision course for partisan fights.

It is one thing not often featured within the nation’s capital for the 4th of July, but several protests are planned, together with gatherings for a flag burning and a “Baby Trump” blimp.

The liberal activist group Code Pink is planning to inflate a Baby Trump blimp, depicting an orange-haired Trump in a diaper clutching a Twitter-ready cell phone in his right hand. It has become a fixture at main protests including recently in London and on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Activists will also bring a huge “Dumping Trump” robot that includes the president sitting on a golden toilet carrying a MAGA-type hat saying, “Make America Great Again: Impeach Me.”

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