iOS 13 beta's coolest new feature corrects eye contact in video calling

iOS 13 beta’s coolest new feature has eye correction for FaceTime

A video call is an effective way to connect with family and friends when you possibly can’t physically be together. But even for those who’re staring directly at your loved one’s face, there’s still one thing just a little off about the entire process. The way in which your phone’s display screen display and camera lens sync up means you’re never quite able to look your conversational companion squarely in the eye. Until now, that is. Apple is allegedly working on a brand new function that subtly adjusts your gaze throughout video calls, so it seems as if you’re looking into the camera once you’re really looking at the display.

The characteristic, referred to as FaceTime Attention Correction, is a part of the newest iOS 13 beta and seems to make use of advanced image manipulation to make video-based eye contact seem extra natural. It was found by app designer Mike Rundle, who examined it out with tech fanatic Will Sigmon. It looks like it’s solely available on the brand new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, but that likely means future iterations of the iPhone will get it as standard, helping you to utterly impryour FaceTime game.

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